Efest Blu6 6 Bay Bluetooth Connected Charger


More than just a gimmick, the Blu6 is a step forward in charging.

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You’ve got your high drain batteries, but what are they worth without a good charger? That’s right, nothing. Enter the Efest LUC Blu6 Intelligent Battery Charger. This six bay charger connects with your phone via Bluetooth allowing you to control key functions of the unit. In a hurry and need to batteries charging quickly? Set channels 1 & 6 to charge at two amps. using a beast of a mode like the GX2/4? Set channels 1, 2, 5 & 6 to charge at one amp. In the rush? Use all six channels at 0.5 amp.

With graphs in the app that allow you to see how quickly your batteries are charging and how much charge they have in them, the Blu6 is more than just a gimmick. Find the app for iPhone in the App Store, and follow this link for the android app. If you have any trouble installing, and android complains about unknown sources please follow this link.


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